Sunday’s news items, part 2 [racism; outside dining at Hinkle’s & more] – 6/21/2020

tone-deaf to racism | This letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster reinforces the racism so many have: “I grew up in Columbia, blessed to have lived in an integrated neighborhood, with integrated schools, a teenage club and birthday parties. Yet even in the hometown I brag about, I was called the N-word.”

“They love you on Friday nights when the lights go on. | But when the lights go off it’s back to normal again.”“When you grow up bi-racial in some small towns, you struggle in two worlds.” The Lebanon Daily News [NOTE: This is is a York Daily Record article, but we’ve reached our monthly limit of five FREE articles; hopefully, you’ll be able to read this article at the Lebanon Daily News. The article is about Red Lion’s Simmie Strausbaugh, Red Lion’s leading rusher, 30 years after he set the record.”

a long way to go | Another letter writer says this. 


dine outside | “Dine with us under the big top!! Outside dining 9am-7pm Monday thru Saturday. Menus posted daily on Facebook. Call us at 7176842888 for takeout.” – Hinkle’s facebook page

What helps downtowns? | “Kutztown closing street to help retailers, restaurants”WFMZ-TV69

OPINION | “Why Killer Cops Go Free” CounterPunch

equally dangerous liar | “Pence’s False Claims About Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus”

social media “fake news” | “Gifting a Folded Flag Isn’t ‘Only For Fallen Veterans’”



  1. Columbia is named for one of histories greatest racists. I’m glad I no longer live there. CHANGE THE NAME NOW.

  2. Franklin and Marshall were both slaveholders. There’s a university here that needs to answer for that and a heck of a lot needs fixing in Philly. We need a Chairman Mao to lead our cultural revolution; maybe Uncle Joe is the man.

  3. Stumped us for a moment; had to look for one. Ah, yes, the bad boy hero of the Battle of New Orleans. and Native American killer of the highest order. Spurred so much of the “white is right” that permeates society today.

    Those were different times, so we really don’t know how we’d have reacted, however. Today, we are repulsed.

  4. Andrew Jackson was responsible for the Indian Removal Act when he was president. He’s also Trump’s favorite president, other than himself.

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