John Oliver on the Affordable Care Act

John Oliver’s take on the embroilment about the Affordable Care Act has got all the ingredients of a top Hollywood movie script. It’s got AFFORDABLE CARE ACT – JOE PITTS II (yep, Lancaster County’s own newly elected Legislator is in this video) – DUMASSES – ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS – INCREDIBLY STUPID – BOLD FACE LIES – OUT OF TOUCH – CONDESCENDING – “THE WEASEL” – INACCURATE – DUMASSES – LYING BASTARDS – DECEIT – IGNORANCE – UNPROFESSIONAL CONGRESSIONAL SCUMBAGS and more.

Click on the graphic below to watch the video. CAUTION: Oliver, as does the current POTUS and some of those before him, uses the Anglo-Saxon cuss word while narrating the insanity in Wonderland.


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