Later new today – Friday, March 24, 2017

  • From big time university president to “up to five years jail time.”NOT LIKELY. Penn Live


  • 3,300 people killed in the US this year | A threat to homeland security? Nah, it’s the repoprted number of shooting deaths. –
  • Let the sun shine; let in the sunshine | Lisa from Goodville, following this WITF article about government transparency says, “Request electronic copies.  This will prevent the entity you are requesting from charging you for copies.  Some of these charges can be quite excessive.  In the computer age, almost everything should be available electronically.  Have them email it to you.  This enabled me to point out to our local government that they should make ownership of electronic copies of things like zoning ordinances mandatory when having contractors write these documents for them.  My township did not have this requirement making it much more likely that they were obligated to use the same contractor when they wanted to make revisions to the ordinance or else retype the entire 200+ page document.”
  • What a comment following this “no justice” decision?That guy deserves to suffer also that piece of crap needs to be thrown into prison or how about get a metal bat and crush his legs we need to make a law if you hurt someone you should get the same degree of consequence that guy better hope no one sees him in public.” – comment following this Lancaster Online article.


  1. Yet the two women working at Mennonite Home were allowed to steal about $140,000 over the course of years. One a nursing assistant and the other a scheduler conspired to operate a scheme in which they pocketed money for years. Neither employee received a prison sentence. It was practically treated as if they simply took out a loan from their retirement funds. Their photos never appeared in the newspaper or on television. This was a slap in the face to the trusted employees working there that would never have thought of stealing. There is no true balance of justice in this country.

  2. None at all. Heck we’ve seen several local instances of theft – from a church, from an employer – and all are walking the streets with no time behind bars.

    Yet the two kids who purportedly shot at police last year are still in Lancaster County Prison.

    They were supposed to be going to trial according to this August 2016 article:

    Speedy trial evidently doesn’t apply if you’re not the right demographic.

    • I grew up thinking America was safe, great, and nothing could go wrong as long as you didn’t break the law. Now I see that everything can and does go wrong regardless. My vision is now 20/20 regarding our severely flawed, discriminatory so called “justice system.”

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