Today’s news – Sunday, April 9, 2017

Today’s news and information gleanings from here and there.

Quote for today … “Conflict-ravaged and decimated in their homeland, Syrians — in vain, attempting only to survive the proxy wars of arrogant statesmen — could not possibly benefit in yet more death from above.” – From this article at The Free Thought Project.

Another quote for today … “ … people attending funerals (at the Clyde W. Kraft Funeral Home) still asked where that ‘little lady with the white hair’ was. ” – Extracted from Regina F. (Wolpert) Burke’s obituary notice in today’s Lancaster Online.

A third quote … It was clear that there were those in the room with differing political views. He handled the opposition respectfully and allowed all who desired to voice their opinions and concerns. It was a refreshing change from the politics as usual we have come to know.” – Extracted from a letter-to-the-editor in praise of a town hall meeting held by State Senator Ryan Aument in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

  • So a lot of the nut-job extremists representing both parties in Wonderland side with the decision to bomb Syria … curious thing, because in 2013 the could not agree to do that. Equally curious how few of them ever served in the U.S. Military.
  • Here’s our question for all “elected public servants” and the meaningless radio talk show blabbermouths: Why didn’t you serve in the Armed Forces?
  • NONE: Days of military service for the bozos mentioned in this News Corpse article about the bombing call: Ted Cruz – Sean Hannity – Bill O’Reilly – Charles Krauthammer.

new board memberRachael Smith Kedney was administered the oath of office as a newly appointed Columbia Borough School District board director by Magisterial District Judge Miles Bixler at Thursday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

  • An article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster shows Columbia’s Municipal Authority having a debt of $11,124,420. A mere pittance when compared with Lancaster Area Sewer Authority’s debt of $92,109,220 and Lancaster County Hospital’s $744,393,079 tab.
  • Another article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster hones in on possible legislation that would affect how school boards decide to increase local property taxes. In that article, a Pennsylvania School Boards Association spokesman defends the actions of local school boards when considering tax increases. Interestingly, at a Thursday evening meeting with state legislators before Columbia’s board of directors’ meeting, State Senator Ryan Aument said the Pennsylvania School Boards Association is the number one entity opposed to revamping the property tax system for funding education.

school fundingThis West Chester Daily Local News article from last year explains the funding process for schools.  This news release from the Governor’s office announces “basic education funding distribution.”

  • And Pennsylvania’s Department of Education says: ‘There is no tuition charge for a resident or nonresident student attending a charter school.  Funding for charter schools is addressed in Section 1725-A (PDF) of the Pennsylvania Public School Code.  Charter schools should receive for each student enrolled an amount paid by the district of resident of each student.  This amount is based upon a statutory funding formula.  There is a funding formula for non-special education students and for special education students.”

school revenuesA slide from Keith Ramsey’s Thursday evening’s Budget Presentation 04-06-2017 of Columbia’s preliminary 2017-2018 financial report showing the anticipated revenue sources.

  • “Reserve Saturday, April 22, for a Grand Opening at Olde Timber Works (27 N Eleventh Street, Columbia) beginning at 10 am. Help us celebrate with a ribbon cutting at 10 am, then take a few moments to look through the store.  Linger to network and greet all involved with this new enterprise. Browse through the merchandise and admire the unique handmade products showcased at this business.” – A notice from the Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce

TH bogeys and birdies SOURCE: news release

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