What’s new in “news” and more

This has just been announced; it’s kind of like “citizen journalism” on steroids. Fact-based reporting from contributing resources … but a powerful base supporting the initiative.


From Wikipedia to Wikitribune – Jimmy Wales hopes to spell an end to fake news. – inews

Think it can’t happen here?Venezuela was once among Latin America’s most prosperous countries, with the world’s largest proven oil reserves. During good times, Venezuelans who came to the United States largely did so as tourists or to go shopping.But the Venezuelan economy is now in freefall due to a plunge oil prices and poor economic planning under the socialist government created by the late President (and dictator) Hugo Chavez, who took office in 1999, and continued under his successor, Maduro. The situation has grown worse because of capital flight and a crime rate that is among the highest in the world.”

Click here to go to WikiTribune.

But the skeptics are there, too. “The Problem With WikiTribune”The Atlantic

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