Short takes on life in the area

Families, Individuals Invited To Enjoy Country Classic | 18th annual Turkey Hill Country Classic, which will be held on Saturday, May 6.” -The Merchandiser

Rodent infestation? According to a post and a string of comments at a facebook post, there is: “Ok, I have been living at my current house going to be 2 years in July! I have never had rodent problem until this year!! Idk what’s going on is it an epidemic in Columbia??!! Omg!! I swear decon isn’t working!! Is anyone else having this problem and what products have you used!! HELP PLZ!!!!”


“How tests fail to detect ‘hidden hearing loss’” The Conversation

biggest hog

The biggest hogs at the trough | the wealthy Americans and corporations join in.

“‘Goldman Sachs Populism’: Trump Tax Plan Benefits Ultra-Wealthy—Like Him” Common Dreams

“Trump’s tax-code plan is short on reform and long on tax cuts for the wealthy” – Editorial: The Los Angeles Times


  1. Sadly, feeding the birds also attracts mice, rats, and squirrels. I never knew this until an exterminator told me that bird seed is so appealing to rodents, it is used in some of the bait. I always enjoyed feeding birds until I learned of this unintended consequence. Also leaving trash outside, close to houses and not in cans will attract all kinds of animals. Seal all entry points in homes too. Any small hole or crack is an open invitation.

  2. Lazy- ass people leaving shopping carts all over the place shows their lack of responsibility. If one goes to an Aldi store, we have two in York, you will find no lose carts. Aldi’s solution is to have a customer insert a quarter into a slot in order to take a cart to shop. When the customer is done, he/she puts the cart back and extracts the quarter. Everything is neat, and Aldi doesn’t need to hire people to retrieve the shopping carts.

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