It’s Thursday, II – 8/10/2017

injustice follow upSo this item is a follow-up to the one posted on Sunday. The one in which a resident is contesting an imminent loss of the facebook poster’s residence. Columbia Spy posted this photo as part of a local photo essay on July 30.

spy condemnedAccording to the Lancaster County Tax Reassessment Website, this property is owned by York County residents, Brian and Renee Fake. Brian Fake’s name is listed as owning a  number of rental properties in Columbia. This property is due to get a sizeable reassessment jump next year. Right now the property is assessed at $135,100 – the new assessed value is pegged at $220,300.

lte speeding trainSpeeding trains letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

speed signsBorough will get serious about speeding | A motion to “Request to purchase” speed control items at a “cost of $9,918” is on the July Finance Committee Meeting Minutes.

public noticePublic Comment – Pollutant Reduction Columbia Borough Website

14 drug dog

kracker bees



  1. Mr Mullen, n regards to a phone # for the train….there are small Norfolk Southern signs at every crossing with a phone # for the purpose of an emergency. I know for a fact that there are (2) at the Union Street crossing….albeit very small. Maybe you can start there.

    • Norfolk Southern’s Website says this about train speeds:

      “The FRA has established maximum allowable train speeds depending on the classification of each segment of track. Train speed is monitored strictly by NS and by the FRA. The maximum authorized train speeds on NS tracks are 79 mph for passenger trains, 60 mph for intermodal trains, and 50 mph for other freight trains.”

      The FRA is the Federal Railroad Administration. (

      The FRA has an online violations report webpage here:

      Since the railroad tracks pass by Columbia’s much-visited attraction (River Park), it’s good to know that Norfolk Southern’s Website has a policy for slowing trains during public events:

      “Norfolk Southern rarely slows or stops trains for public events and strongly recommends that organizers make every effort to conduct their events well away from railroad tracks and other railroad property.

      “This helps ensure the safety of event participants, railroad employees, communities, and the public. Train schedules can be unpredictable, and railroad property is not meant for public use. In fact, incursion onto railroad property is trespassing.

      If an organizer believes there is no safe and reasonable alternative to conducting an event in which people or vehicles must cross the railroad tracks at a public crossing, the organizer is required to provide adequate public safety protection for all participants.

      Organizers also must notify Norfolk Southern of the event well in advance by calling Norfolk Southern’s Police Communication Center at 800-453‐2530 and providing the information below. NOTE: Providing this required notification does not authorize, approve, or otherwise grant permission for any event organizer or participant to cross railroad tracks or access railroad property.

      Primary Contact Name (Day of Event)
      Primary Contact (Phone/Email)
      Type of Event
      Event Location (City, State)
      Crossing DOT #
      Event Date(s)
      Event Start and End Time(s)

      Your neighbors and business partners at Norfolk Southern understand that nothing is more important than safety for individuals and safety for our train operations. We appreciate the cooperation of event planners and participants who share this outlook.

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