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from the little read, back of the paper, small print “Legal notices”

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Property seizure: $685.00 seized 10/11/13 at 137-141 Locust St.,Room 202, Columbia, PA.

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a Joint Special Meeting of Columbia Borough Council and Columbia Municipal Authority will be held …

Oh, man … those trusted staffers

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Here’s another round of community-trusted-someone thefts …

“Red Lion accountant arrested for “allegedly pilfering $423,000 from a client.”

Lebanon County former PTA president steals $8,000 from the PTA.

Yep, they steal from churches, employers, fire departments, kids’ groups, parent-teacher organizations … they steal from friends, relatives and neighbors. Heck, they’ll probably steal from their kids piggy banks.

Because it’s all about them and they’ll have it all … and they’ll get to pay it back at “chump change” a month while the organization on the other end suffers.

life aint fair

Well done, CPD!

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This picture (below) is posted at the “You know you’re from Columbia if … ” facebook page. It is, in fact, a page from the “community policing” textbook. And the Columbia Police Department has posted more facebook posts in the past three days that for the previous 27 days of the month.

cpd hoops

“Community policing is a philosophy that guides police management style and operational strategies. It emphasizes establishment of police-community partnerships and a problem-solving approach that is responsive to the needs of the community.

“One of the major objectives of community policing efforts is to establish an active partnership between the police and the community that can analyze problems and design and help implement solutions and services that are truly community-based. This requires the police to make a conscious effort to create an atmosphere in which community partners actively and willingly co-operate with the police.” – SOURCE: University of California at Irvine Police Department

community policingEngaged law enforcement departments actively and consistently use social media to connect and communicate with its citizens. For instance, the East Lampeter Police Department posts regularly about finding a mission elderly man, crime incidents in the township and more.


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