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today’s news … Thursday, May 28, 2015

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today “The Susquehanna River is sick and needs help.” – Quote from the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Website

  • Here’s why some folks think it’s OK to take money that’s not yours – “A former Fairview Township businessman told a York County judge on Thursday he’d been warned that his former bookkeeper would likely face no significant punishment for stealing more than $80,000 from him.” There’s no jail time. Life just goes on and the slimy culprits have to pay pennies on the dollar for what they took … on a monthly payment plan. – The York Dispatch
  • It could happen! – “Often, it’s one of the most trusted people in the church who’s pilfering from the collection plate, or diverting funds from the church budget or investment accounts.” – Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company Website
  • Social media is a communication tool the police can use to engage the community on issues of importance to both and to gauge community sentiment regarding agency policies and practices.” – Interim Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing
  • “Agencies should also develop policies and practices on social media use that consider individual officer expression, professional representation, truthful communication, and other concerns that can impact trust and legitimacy.” – Ibid

trans surveyClick on the above graphic to register your thoughts in a survey about the state’s transportation programs.

  • Letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster wants police to attend to the “deviant hoodlums in the park.”

Agenda for the May 26, 2015 council “meeting of the whole” … and questions about the letter

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Here is the agenda from the “meeting of the whole” for last night’s meeting. Columbia news, views & reviews was unable to attend the meeting due to a previous out-of-town commitment. As we have stated repeatedly, unless citizens attend meetings as this one, they rely on the chronicling of traditional and non-traditional  media outlets. Or they rely on the hearsay of others who may, or may not have, attended the meeting and have correctly heard all the commentary.

There are cases in which media reporting of these meetings is secondary-source based, that is, the reports are written based on information provided to the medium by an inside source. No reporter actually attended the meeting.

Typically, this source and Cole Umber’s news site, The Columbia Spy, capture the oral conversations at the meetings – each of us digitally records the meetings. Columbia news, views & reviews offers copies of the recordings for public use – especially for persons who attend the meetings and may have difficulty hearing the goings on due to hearing impairment fueled by an ineffective microphone / speaker system or seemingly purposeful inaudible mutterings by some at the front of the room.

NOTE: Here’s a link to initial coverage about last night’s meeting from the Columbia Spy.

COTW page 1

– page two –

COTW page 2

OPINION – premised after seeing the letter.

Somehow, an alleged letter from IBS Development Corporation, has surfaced well after the May 18, 2015 Special Council Meeting. The unsigned letter, purportedly written by the president of IBS Development Corporation, William I. Roberts, appears at The Columbia Spy and was distributed to certain sources by via certain persons aligned with the borough.

ibs letterSOURCE: The Columbia Spy – The letter was obtained by Cole Umber who submitted a right-to-know request to the Borough offices.

Curiously, the letter was not introduced at the meeting by the real estate sales person and Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) member who pitched the “call center” concept to the council at the May 18 meeting. Add to that, the curious coincidence of the same date of the letter and the meeting, one wonders whether the letter is an effort of “after-the-fact” due diligence.

Not only does the mysterious Mr. Roberts not pitch his own requests for Borough and taxpayer financial support for his adventures in person, he also does not endorse his letters of diligence.


Wonder who wrote the letter?

Wonder how it was delivered and to whom?

Wonder when it was written and delivered?

a proposal to “manage the Columbia Crossing river trails center” expressed at last night’s council meeting

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 This partnership proposal includes an expense budget forecast and an income budget forecast. It was shared with the council at last night’s council of the whole meeting.

page 1

SVGA Proposal0001page 2

SVGA Proposal0002


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