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It could happen! Couldn’t it?

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If it ever comes to pass … back in April

It could happen … with one competitor out of the game.

today’s news … Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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today’s news and information gleanings from here and there!

Quote for today  “The rate increase is specifically to address the increased costs of providing clean and safe drinking water as well as the capital improvement costs that are required for our city’s aged infrastructure.”Lancaster City Councilwoman Danene Sorace, said, too, that “residents can expect more increases” as the Lancaster Water Bureau announced water increases of 23% in this LNP – Always Lancaster article.

rhoadsMarjie Rhoads at LaSalle University (Click on the graphic to enlarge)

income shareThis New York Times column reveals the disparity in income excluding capital gains. How many middle and low income households have “capital gains.”

Code enforcement … na-a-a-h!

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Seemingly, the flashing or animated signs are everywhere and Columbia’s taking on a border-town appearance.


Back in 2011, Columbia news, views & reviews posted this:

“Someone asked us about businesses with “flashing signs” in their windows.”

Guess what? According to the Borough code, those signs are not allowed.

§ 220-53 Prohibited signs. The following signs are prohibited in all zoning districts: Flashing, blinking, twinkling, animated or moving signs of any type, except time and temperature signs may flash. In addition, flashing lights visible from a street shall not be used to attract attention to a business. This restriction specifically includes window signs …”  

Funny thing is that (in 2011) we counted nearly a dozen of them around town (that includes more than a half dozen on one block of a main street.

Today, there are more signs.

If it’s a code or a law, enforce it. If you do not want to enforce it, get it off the books. 


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