Still swamp; borough claims no responsibility

It’s not abated.hess-benner

Remember the Tim and Lindsey Hess? Here’s a post from the “What’s Happening in Columbia,Pa. and Area – Part 1” facebook page.

“Good morning everyone! Happy rainy Wednesday! This is the view from our back porch. I have attended over 5 council meetings to get this fix and even provided them with a copy of the $100,000.00 check they received to fix and maintain this basin. They absolutely refuse to do anything about it and they say it’s just fine. The Mayor just took his nice publicity picture sitting back in his chair talking about the Susquehanna. Well ladies and gentlemen this basin runs right into the Susquehanna….this basin is full of sediment which they are supposed to keep out of the Susquehanna according to MS4 and Storm water rules. You know the rules in which you have to obtain a permit to do any projects on your property, yeah they don’t seem to apply to the Borough itself. Under this water appears to be ‘grass’ well it’s not. It’s almost quick sand. I tried to play baseball outback with my son on Saturday and when the neighbor dog went to retrieve the ball he sank almost to his stomach in the shallow spot of this. Now imagine a child going after a ball in the deepest spot and getting sucked down…this could end very badly which I have expressed to the council numerous times which they had no concern for at all! I should mention this picture was taken at 6:30 this morning so it will continue to get worse!”

Here are several Columbia news, views & reviews articles about the issue that continues.

“1020 Cloverton Drive residents read statement at last night’s council meeting (audio files)”

“Lindsey Brenner, 1020 Cloverton Drive – NOTE: Brenner and her husband, Tim Hess, have issued statements and made comments about their property at several council meetings. See here – and here – and here and here.”

“Who is responsible – after the dedication of the streets?”

“Who is responsible? A standoff about water runoff”




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