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Performance Audit – Columbia Borough School District – Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – 09/29/2016

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Click on the graphic to download the report.

quick change artistry

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Yesterday, we noted:

school-board-meetings… but there’s no agenda for the Tuesday, October 4 meeting posted?

Today, at the Website, with no notice, it’s changed and the Curriculum and Property Committee meetings have been deleted.


Harrisburg wants to restructure operation of its market, too | considering “to continue charging a nominal $1 annual rent to the nonprofit”

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The state capitol’s Broad Street Market operation is being bounced about; now the city is considering relinquishing “responsibility for management, maintenance and capital improvements at the city-owned buildings to a new nonprofit.”

The article states the market is nearly filled with vendors; according to the market’s Website, nearly 40 vendors attend to Customers every Thursday & Friday from 7 AM – 6 PM and Saturday, 7 AM – 4 PM.



facts – opinions – rumors

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FACT – Columbia’s football is postponed | “Columbia football game evacuated, postponed due to safety concerns” Lancaster Online

FACT – This is on the school district Website | IMPORTANT MESSAGE 9/16/2016 FRIDAY NIGHT:

FACT & OPINION – Outstanding communication, Columbia Borough School District: “We have been informed that the student who made the threat is in custody of the Columbia Borough Police Department and the investigation is ongoing.” An 8:03 pm Update.

FACT & OPINION – Exceptional “on the fly” addition of the emergency communication on the home/splash page, too.

FACT – There is nothing at the Columbia Police Department Website nor the borough Website about the incident.

FACT – This is posted (at 8:23 pm) at the “You know you’re from Columbia PA if…” facebook page | “The CHS School Resource Officer just called me. The situation is OVER! All participents (sic) are accounted for!!! Please REPOST!  He also mentioned that the Church at 7th and Walnut is inviting all KIDS to stop by for the next hour or 2 to have snacks and dance to some music at the church. Thank you Officer Engle, WE ALL appreciate you reaching out!!

RUMOR – Without specific official notification and communication, we heard this rumor while at the Market House a half hour ago or so (just fefore 8:00 pm) | The football game has been canceled because of a bomb threat.

FACT – More distressing news from the Diocese | “Grand jury investigating sex abuse in Harrisburg DioceseFOX43-TV

FACT & OPINION – Walked down to Venues to see how the Teen Junction event is going; met and spoke with the general manager and one of the parents. Everyone there was well-dressed and having a good time dancing and socializing. Oh, yeah, the parent is a US ARMY veteran injured in the middle east. Saw no evidence of “thuggery.”


FACT – Received this e-blast from the Borough: “UPCOMING EVENTS – The Columbia Mardi Gras (Halloween) Parade will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 beginning at 7:00pm. –  Trick-or-treat in Columbia Borough will be held on Monday, October 31, 2016 from 6pm-8pm

FACT – Received this e-blast, too, from the Borough: “Join your friends for a free Movie under the Stars -(Sponsored by Columbia Parks and Rec Commission) –Movie: Goonies (Rated PG – Language) – Date: Saturday, September 17th ( Raindate: Sunday, September 18th) – Location: River Park -Showtime: Dusk – around 8:00 pm – ** Hot popcorn provided: bring your own picnic, snacks, drinks** – A fun evening for all.

FACT: Received this email from the executive director of the Coolumbia Public Library | “(Tomorrow’s Knitting Class is CANCELLED due to a death in the instructor’s family. It is rescheduled for OCTOBER 15 from 1 to 3:30.”


Agenda – School Board meeting, Thursday, September 15

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This is for those who are going to the School Board meeting tonight! And for those seated at the table in the front of the room – the ones with the microphones in front of them!

Unless, the microphones are purposely not used or the speakers do not want those in the audience to hear what’s being discussed, know that:

“If you’re older than 45, there’s about a one in five chance you suffer from some amount of hearing loss—and that rate climbs steadily as you age. Almost one-third of people ages 65 to 74 report difficulty hearing, and the number rises to about half at 75, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.” – Consumer Reports Magazine


Click on the graphic above to download or open / see the complete three-page agenda as a .pdf file for Thursday night’s meeting.

The agenda is posted at the newly revised Websitewww.columbiabsd.org.

in search of

The following were posted at Columbia news, views & reviews on August 15, 2016

Today’s Quote ” … more adults need to step up, not walk away, and help the victims of bullying.” – Excerpted from a seventh-grade Hempfield School District student’s letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.


Agenda – Council meeting, September 12, 2016

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reader shared a surprise and some “non-surprises”

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This afternoon, a reader sent us an email with a mild surprise – and a few non-surprises – all listed at Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Surprise! “ITT Technical Institute in Harrisburg closesCompany, blaming federal government move, closes all campuses”

Pennlive too, carried this AP article: “ITT Technical Institute closes, leaving 45,000 students without a school”

Non-Surprises! Last Monday, we posted this:

Today’s Non-Surprise #1: “State auditor predicts financial crisis for Pa. Turnpike, transit”

Pennlive, too, reports on the fiscal irregularities and the history of corruption at the Turnpike Commission.

Non-Surprise #2: “Pa. tax collections down through August”

  • So “sin tax” receipts are up while corporate income taxes, personal income taxes and realty transfer taxes are way down. Might be time to consider adding more sins to the tax pile: marijuana, prostitution, etc.?  Could have been a tax revenue stream here, for example.
  • Or just maybe, the state could budget the way the average prudent household does!!! Rein in your impulsive spending. Reduce the size of the elected public servants at the state level. Quit with the dumass and wildly inaccurate estimates.
  • Once upon a time in the corporate world, we were challenged with monthly reports. Called the FLASH REPORTS; we renamed them F.L.A.S.H. or “F (bleepin’) Lies And Silly Hopes” reports.
  • Think the state may be working in the same heavily leveraged world?


Legal notices

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Two legal notices appear in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster and at Lancaster Online.

One announces the Borough’s intention to dissolve and terminate the Municipal Authority.

The other announces and invites residents to meetings concerning the 2017 Budget.

“In Pennsylvania, baby boomers see the American Dream slipping away” – The Boston Globe

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by Matt Viser | The Boston Globe

BUTLER, Pa. — Some 965 high school graduates paraded into the high school stadium, surrounded by lush green trees and proud parents and the trill of an organ playing a celebratory theme.

“For the class of 1976, the future was as bright as their golden gowns.

“One speaker told them they had ‘almost unlimited opportunities.’ Sure, it’s a cliche uttered at countless graduation speeches. But in a country celebrating its bicentennial, and in a town that seemed still in its heyday, it certainly felt that way.

“The proof was close by as the new graduates sat in the bleachers watching the sun set that Friday night: two heavy-manufacturing plants, Pullman-Standard and Armco Steel, that provided not just a steady paycheck to thousands but provided the town with an identity.

“‘The world was ours for the taking … .’”

Click here to read this Boston Globe article in its entirety.

not readyStatistical data shows that as older Americans near their retirement years, many of the them will not be prepared financially. The writing on the wall.

DEP Notification Regarding Mosquitoes / Zika Virus

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Columbia Borough just sent this e-blast:

The Department of Environmental Protection is asking residents of Lancaster County to do the following simple activities to reduce mosquito activity in their area:

  • Dispose of cans, buckets, plastic containers, ceramic pots, or similar containers that hold water.
  • Property dispose of discarded tires that can collect water. �Stagnant water is where most mosquitoes breed.
  • Drill holes in the bottom of outdoor recycling containers.
  • Have clogged roof gutters cleaned every year as the leaves from surrounding trees have a tendency to plug drains.
  • Turn over wheelbarrows and plastic wading pools when not in use and don’t let water stagnate in birdbaths.
  • Aerate ornamental pools or stock them with fish.
  • Clean and chlorinate swimming pools not in use and remove any water that may collect on pool covers.
  • Wear insect repellant during times of mosquito activity. �Aedes mosquitoes are active during daylight hours.
  • Keep doors and windows tightly closed, or ensure that screens do not have holes or tears that can allow mosquitoes to get inside the house.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Click here for the State’s Zika Virus Webpage.